Parent Info

Children's Meals

The Centre is committed to supervising and assisting in providing a nutritious diet and education on nutrition for all children, parents and staff.

Children are required to bring their own lunch and some cut up fruit or nutritious snack for Morning & Afternoon Tea. When selecting your child's food for the day, the centre encourages parents to include a well-balanced meal for lunch and nutritious snacks throughout the day.

Children are encouraged to become independent with their eating e.g. using utensils, putting lunch boxes and other belongings away. Staff encourage a pleasant social atmosphere and good table manners.

Tiny Tots ELC has a 'water-only' policy and is a nut-free centre.

Behaviour Management

Our behaviour management practices are based on the NSW regulations and licensing guidelines for centre-based centres.

The behaviour guidance techniques used by our staff centre's are positive reinforcement, positive role modeling, intervention techniques and redirection. When behaviour problems arise we look at our routines, environment and the individual needs of the child in order to overcome the inappropriate behaviour.

Forseeing problems and responding to your child's needs enables us to help the child positively.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement establishes trust between parents and staff. The children in turn sense this trust, and feel more at ease in the centre.

We pride our selves on being a friendly, family orientated childcare centre, we encourage as much parent involvement as possible. Parents are encouraged to come to our parent meetings.

We have regular newsletters that are always filled with important information. All staff are happy to discuss any matters with parents concerning their child's progress, the centre's programs and policies.


Kinderloop provides a secure way for child care providers to share information with parents, through real-time updates. Each Kinderloop is a private closed loop, posts are only shared with invited family members & staff and cannot be shared across the web.

Educators at Tiny Tots ELC use Kinderloop for programming & communicating with families about their child's development and other important matters. It's quick and easy to use as well as providing valuable information and updates. Parents have control on who sees the posts and educators have control on the content shared.

It helps develop and maintain a positive and constructive relationships with their child’s educator and Parents can continue the learning with their children at home.


The centre is aware that children need to gradually settle into the centre.

We encourage parents to spend time at the centre with their children before they commence the program to become familiar with the centre.

While at the centre you will have the opportunity to:

  • To share information about your child to the caregivers

  • Meet all the staff who work at Tiny Tots Early Learning Centre

  • To become aware of the educational goals and program guiding all activities in the centre

  • Read the Centre's Privacy Policy